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Aoba Ren

Mink’s route summary

After the prologue, Aoba goes to Platina Jail with Mink, and they go to Glitter. After that, they go to a club, and Aoba starts reacting to the music really weirdly, turns out the music affects his powers, and he becomes aroused because of it. Sexy time ensues. Dear god Mink’s route is violent. After that, there’s a lot of rape, and “you should obey me” or “you have to throw out everything you cherish to become stronger” moments. And Aoba still forgives Mink… During a rape scene, the other Aoba shows up, and begin to play with Mink’s head and all… And then, Aoba collapses. But dear god, I loved the cg where Mink touches sleeping Aoba’s hair, after “raping” him. Later, they go to the Oval Tower, and meet Toue. There, Toue reveals that Mink is from a clan who had powers similar to Scrap. Because of that, Toue slaughtered that clan, to make experiments, and only Mink survived. Mink wanted to kill Toue from the beginning. After that, Toue calls a young man, who then begins singing. Turns out his song affects Aoba and Mink. Aoba then remembers he used to play Rhyme as “Sky Blue”, and that he caused the Rhyme incident, forgetting everything about it in the process (you can hear Trip’s and Virus’ voices during that scene). He wakes up, and scraps Mink who’s still trapped. There, he sees the massacre of his clan.

BAD END => Aoba chooses to help the clan. He finds Mink, and they return in the real world. But after that, Mink forces Aoba into getting back in his head, during the slaughter of his clan. There, he talks about how he and Aoba share the same smell, and says he will protect Aoba by keeping his soul by his side. Then, he kills Aoba, and holds his head in his arms, saying that his soul will be with him forever (Mink is religious btw).

GOOD END => Aoba doesn’t help anyone. He finds Mink who trapped with chains, but manages to wake him up. They’re reunited with Mink’s team, and Aoba wants to go to Toue with Mink. They go, but Mink notices that Aoba is injured. Worried, he asks Tori to bring back Aoba to the team, though Aoba protests. After that, Aoba helps the team and beats Akushima. Then, we see Mink finding Toue, who  reveals to us that he’s actually from Mink’s clan too, but wanted to fullfil his goal no matter what. Toue actually created his own Scrap power, though it isn’t complete. Mink resists and then kills Toue. While Aoba and the others are escaping, we can see Mink praying for Toue’s soul, eventually revealing that Toue was actually his brother, Ryoji (or Ryuji).

A few months later, Mink still hasn’t come back, and Aoba decides to go after him. After traveling during months, he finally finds Mink and Tori, with Mink having golden eyes (probably from getting his brother’s powers). AND THE ROUTE ENDS HERE. Turns out Chiral had planned a last H-scene (consensual) but couldn’t put it in the game for various reasons.

Next summary will be Clear’s one !