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Aoba Ren


As promised, Clear for the Silent Midorijima AU. This one is sad.

Clear. Initially, Clear wasn’t affected by the fog covering Midorijima, but began to feel helpless and troubled, as his Jellyfish song wasn’t enough to calm people’s minds anymore. Clear grows colder and quieter, becoming more certain that his face should not be revealed. However, it never stopped him to help anyone he could, and remained close to Aoba. He volunteers to accompany Noiz on a recon to discover the person behind the strange messages in Aoba’s coil. Clear loses sight of Noiz and begins to search for him in the darkest places of the transformed Midorijima. He’s currently unable to find Noiz. He will, however, find other people on his way.

There are no physical manifestations for Clear’s insecurities, but he’s seeing and hearing things differently from others, things that he knows they want to convince him that he’s done something horrible to Aoba. Out of all the characters, Clear is the most self-aware and the least unstable (but for how long?).

That’s not a monster, by the way.

Next: Sei & more Aoba +details of plot-thing.

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maybe i paused at the wrong moment


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I found some Beni I drew a long while ago.


ブレブレ4お疲れ様でした~! | でめ 
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If your friends ever ask you what dmmd is, just show them this.

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Due to all of his talk about ‘responsibilities’ and all that I sometimes forget that Noiz is still a 19 year old brat who’ll still push Aoba down at random points during the day ‘for the hell of it’

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ドラマダlog | ちけい 
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Pixiv: モヤ子

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(Source: koujack-ass)

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No, I have never willingly cosplayed  but I can draw for you. 



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