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Nina present ! This blog is multifandom. Mostly BL, games, movies, animes, mangas, and eventually nsfw stuff, be careful !

Aoba Ren

I found some Beni I drew a long while ago.

Some doodles I did during art history class.

I still love drawing that bby !

クラゲの歌 !

I found some random doodle I did like… two years ago ?

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Mink will always judge you, no matter how old he is.

Drew Masa's Keihi. It's been so long since I last drew a kid, he looks like a potato.

Beta Ren is quite fun to sketch !

I haven’t posted a drawing on tumblr for quite a long time, so have a quick pen sketch ! I’ll probably use that character for a more elaborate digigtal painting.

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Some speed drawings done during free time, at school.