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Nina present ! This blog is multifandom. Mostly BL, games, movies, animes, mangas, and eventually nsfw stuff, be careful !

Aoba Ren

First of a set of characters using a rather soft style.

Actually, I might decide to keep it.

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I had fun sketching big long legs~

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Here are some drawings/concepts from various sketchbooks.

Here’s a doodle of Jim Hawkins, from Treasure Planet.

Ooh boy I found some drawings of Ren I did like… just after the game was released (approximately two years ago ?)

Here, have some random doodles from my sketchbook.

Some practice in my sketchbook.

Well, that’s better !

I’ll scan it, and maybe color it later.

When you’re like “plz train let me draw” and train is like

"Fuck u"

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Work in progress, beginning the coloring tomorrow !

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